Leadership Talk

Speaker: Mr. Sarajit Poddar, Director, People Analytics, Ericsson Global People Analytics & Digital […]

Speaker: Mr. Bivabasu Das Mohanty, Director in PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. Date: 5th September 2021 […]

LeadX – 2021 : Conducted by School of Human Resource Management Alumni Committee […]

LEADX was organized by Alumni Committee of School of Human Resource Management on […]

Leadership Talk Speaker: Mr.Abhishek Mohanty and Ms. Gitika Saksena, Co-founders and Directors at […]

Speaker: Mr. Atindra Biswas, Director and Co-Founder, Codaemon LLC. Date: 8th December, 2020 […]

Speaker: Mr. Subhra Arabinda Mohanty, Leading Analytics and AI initiatives for Alliance and […]

Speaker: Ms. Sunita Raut, Organization Development Consultant, The Four Rooms of Change Group, […]

Leadership Talk is being organized by the School of HR Alumni Committee and […]