In the highly complex, turbulent and uncertain context that organizations face today, the conceptualisation and implementation of effective human resource management practices cannot be emphasised enough. In order to survive, it is imperative that businesses attract, develop, motivate and retain a highly competent and diverse knowledge workforce. This also requires highly competent human resource professionals who possess holistic understanding of business, society and government and are well-equipped in all aspects of Human Resource Management.

The MBA-HRM programme provides students with a robust grounding in Human Resource Management theory and practice, woven together with a holistic business perspective with ethical and social sensitivity.

  • The program is designed to develop highly competent human resource professionals.
  • It imparts the knowledge, skills and experience essential for managing human resources in an organization.
  • Courses are offered in the disciplines of Organisational Behaviour (OB), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations (IR).
  • Additionally, the students go through courses from other Areas such as Economics, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Strategic Management and Business Ethics.



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  • Batch 2019 - 2021 (1st Year):

  • Term-II Commences

    19th September ‘19

  • Mid-Term Test

    4th - 5th November '19

  • End-Term Test

    16th - 23rdth December ‘19

  • Term-III Commences

    2nd January ‘20

  • Mid-Term Test

    11th - 12th February '20

  • End-Term Test

    23rd - 28th March ‘20

  • Batch 2018 - 2020 (2nd Year) :

  • Term-V Commences

    5th September ‘19

  • Mid-term Test

    14th - 15th October '19

  • End-Term Test

    9th - 14th December ‘19

  • Term-VI Commences

    16th December ‘19

  • End-Term Test

    28th February - 4th March ‘20