Academic Calendar: The MBA-HRM program is spread over six terms, each of approximately three months duration.An academic year consists of three terms. The first term extends from June to September, the second from September to December and the third from December to March. Students complete a minimum of 105 credits over the six terms, with 73 core course-credits and a minimum of 32 elective course-credits. One credit is equivalent to 10 teaching/contact (classroom) hours plus another 10 hours of academic work to be utilized outside the classroom in reading, research, assignments and/or activities related to the course, as specified by the Faculty. The program involves an average of 16 class sessions a week, each of 90 minutes duration. The student's workload, including class sessions, required readings, term papers, project work and field visits, is expected to require about 70 hours per week.

Core courses: The students are exposed to 25 core courses during the first four terms i.e. three terms in the first year and the fourth term in the second year. Each core course is of 2 or 3 course-credits. The core courses are designed to provide wide exposure to the participants in Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management Employment and Industrial Relations disciplines. The students also go through core courses from other management areas like Accounting, Communication, Decision Sciences, Economics, Finance, General & Strategic Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, and Operations Management, so that they develop a holistic and complete understanding of the complexities of business environments and business organizations with ethical and social sensitivity.


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  • Batch 2019 - 2021 (1st Year):

  • Term-II Commences

    19th September ‘19

  • Mid-Term Test

    4th - 5th November '19

  • End-Term Test

    16th - 23rdth December ‘19

  • Term-III Commences

    2nd January ‘20

  • Mid-Term Test

    11th - 12th February '20

  • End-Term Test

    23rd - 28th March ‘20

  • Batch 2018 - 2020 (2nd Year) :

  • Term-V Commences

    5th September ‘19

  • Mid-term Test

    14th - 15th October '19

  • End-Term Test

    9th - 14th December ‘19

  • Term-VI Commences

    16th December ‘19

  • End-Term Test

    28th February - 4th March ‘20