The Doctoral Program is designed to prepare students for professional leadership in the field of human resource management/ organizational behaviour.

The objective of the PhD Program is to prepare reflective scholars and practitioners in the domains of Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and related fields, by enabling students to engage in advanced study and enquiry and fostering original and scholarly research.

At a broader level the PhD Program aims at contributing towards XUB’s endeavour towards Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Analytics (SEA) by understanding those issues which are fundamental to research enquiry, and having a linkage with organizations, institutions, economy, society, and the environment.

Duration of the PhD Program

The approximate duration to complete the Program is 4 to 7 years. The first year of the Program will be spent oncourse work. During the remaining years scholars will complete the subsequent steps leading to the doctoral thesis. The maximum duration allowed to complete the PhD is 7 years.

Course work and Registration

After the successful completion of course-work and related pre-decided steps such as a number of review seminars, the student is expectedto presenta thesis topic registration seminar. after the successful completion of this seminar, the student’s PhD topic will be registered with Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB).

PhD Level Courses

  • Philosophy of Science,
  • Exploratory Research Methodology,
  • Experimental Research Methodology,
  • Descriptive Research Methodology,
  • Quantitative Research Methods,
  • Qualitative Research Methods,
  • SPSS Lab,
  • Modeling with Excel,
  • Teaching Lab,
  • Research Communication,
  • Area Specific Seminar.

Broad areas of PhD specialization at XAHR

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Program Fees

a) Officially Sponsored Candidates / Self Sponsored Candidates

In case the organization supports the student’s Ph.D. or the students decide to sponsor themselves, the fees for this four year Program will be as follows:

  • Rupees three lakhs in the first year and
  • Rupees one lakh each in the second, third, and fourth year, respectively.

b) Partially Sponsored Candidates (Partial Scholarship Category)

In this category of candidates (if found suitable), the applicable fees for the four years will be:

  • Rupees one lakh fifty thousand in the first year; and
  • Rupees fifty thousand each in the second, third, and fourth year, respectively.

c) Full Scholarship category

In case of deserving full-time students, the academic fee will be waived.


The students will be provided accommodation on campus. The residential expenses will have to be paid by the students separately as per the prevalent rate (current rate is INR 24000/- per year, double seated), and mess expenses as per actuals. Students can also choose to stay off-campus.


More News

Upcoming Events


  • Batch 2019 - 2021 (1st Year):

  • Term-II Commences

    19th September ‘19

  • Mid-Term Test

    4th - 5th November '19

  • End-Term Test

    16th - 23rdth December ‘19

  • Term-III Commences

    2nd January ‘20

  • Mid-Term Test

    11th - 12th February '20

  • End-Term Test

    23rd - 28th March ‘20

  • Batch 2018 - 2020 (2nd Year) :

  • Term-V Commences

    5th September ‘19

  • Mid-term Test

    14th - 15th October '19

  • End-Term Test

    9th - 14th December ‘19

  • Term-VI Commences

    16th December ‘19

  • End-Term Test

    28th February - 4th March ‘20