The Strategic Academic Advisory Board of the HR School has eminent persons from academia and industry and senior professors from the School. The SAAB brings in viewpoints from diverse fields and domains and provides a perspective and vision that adds depth and breadth to our thinking and actions. It is the sounding board for our dreams and support us in turning them to actuality. Discussions that have taken place in the SAAB meetings have fed intostrategy formulation, opened up ideas for introduction of new courses and helped us in charting out possible new directions that the School can move towards.

The members of SAAB are:

Dean (Academics), XAHR Convener
Dean (Academics) XIMB, Dean (Academics) XSRM Member Ex-officio
Prof. Tania Saritova Rath, Associate Dean, XAHR Member (Internal)
Prof. T.V. Rao, Professor, IIM Ahmedabad Member (External)
Prof. Niharika Vohra, Professor, IIM Ahmedabad Member (External)
Prof. M.G. Jomon, Professor, XLRI, Jamshedpur Member (External)
Prof (Dr.) Gopal P Mahapatra, Professor of Practice (OB & HRM Area), IIM Indore Member (External)
Mr. Sunil Jha, Global Head-RH, ACG Group Member (External)
Mr. S.V. Nathan, Sr. Director & Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India Member (External)
Mr. Richard Lobo, Sr. Vice President & Head HR, Infosys India Ltd. Member (External)
Mr. M.S. Magesh, VP-HR, Accenture India Member (External)

Upcoming Events


  • Batch 2018 - 2020 :

  • Term-I Commences

    25th June '18

  • Mid-term Test

    31st Jul - 1st Aug ‘18

  • End-Term Test

    17th - 22nd September ‘18

  • Term-II Commences

    25th September ‘18

  • Mid-Term Test

    12th - 13th November '18

  • End-Term Test

    17th - 22nd December ‘18

  • Term-III Commences

    2nd January ‘19

  • Mid-Term Test

    12th - 13th February '19

  • End-Term Test

    25th - 30th March ‘19

  • Batch 2017 - 2019 :

  • Term-IV Commences

    18th June ‘18

  • Mid-term Test

    23rd July - 24th July '18

  • End-Term Test

    6th - 12th September ‘18

  • Term-V Commences

    14th September ‘18

  • Mid-term Test

    26th - 27th October '18

  • End-Term Test

    17th - 22nd Dec ‘18

  • Term-VI Commences

    27th December ‘18

  • End-Term Test

    25th Feb - 2nd Mar ‘19